Creature Club

Hello friends!
Today is a pretty special day… We launched the official Circa Patreon 🎉

We had been working on this for months and planned to launch in the fall but given the nature of the current circumstances we felt it was time to just make it happen. An overwhelming amount of folks have kindly reached out and asked how they can best support us through this bizarre time of isolation…. and well we just don’t like to take from you without giving something awesome back in exchange so here we are.

This will essentially act as Creature Club 2.0. For those of you not in the know, Creature Club was our first iteration of a “fan club” of sorts that we ended back in 2012 when we parted ways with Atlantic records. While we’re keeping the name, pretty much everything about this is much different and even cooler than the original.

Anyone who joins our Patreon between now and 4/20 gets a free download of our new ‘Blue Sky Noise’ documentary Travel Hymn & a previously unreleased song called Metanoia.

In celebration of this occasion we decided to make the first episode of our Patreon exclusive podcast open to EVERYONE whether you sign up or not. We know that distraction is a welcomed gift at the moment and honestly we are and always will be infinitely grateful for all of you, patron or not. The podcast is easy to find when you follow the link to

Gonna stop explaining what it is and just point you over to the link in our bio to go check it out. There is a lengthy intro video that we made over there that explains it all for you. As always thank you for your energy. We love you. Please stay safe and healthy.
🖤CS 🖤